Since its founding by John Winegard in 1954 at the dawn of the television age, Winegard Company in Burlington, Iowa has been a leading manufacturer of quality television reception products. Over the years, the company has consistently been on the cutting edge of design and manufacturing technology, from the original "Yagi" home television antenna, to the widely popular Sensar® over-the-air RV TV antenna, to today's state-of-the-art TRAV'LERTM automatic multi-satellite television antennas.

The company has built a worldwide reputation based on an unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the quality, cost and delivery of its products, services and processes. Winegard employs more than 450 highly skilled, dedicated professionals, some of whom have 20, 30 and even 40 years with the company.

Their manufacturing capabilities and processes are second to none in the TV antenna industry. Throughout its history, the company has endeavored to be a vertically integrated manufacturer. From design through production, it's all done at Winegard's two large facilities in Burlington. From research and design to fabrication and finishing of raw materials through assembly and shipping, sales and marketing, customer service and warranty, a dedicated staff responds to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Industry Firsts
Having held 60 patents over the years, including the current 26 in the U.S and two overseas, Winegard Company has accomplished many industry "firsts," starting with John Winegard's design of the world's first all-channel Yagi antenna, which completely changed the antenna industry; the 82-channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, the anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antennas, the RV television antenna, and automatic satellite switching technology - just to name a few!

Wide Product Line
Very few people are aware of the diverse product mix Winegard Company manufactures and distributes worldwide. It is typical for customers to only be familiar with Winegard as manufacturers of RV TV antennas and not know they make over 400,000 home satellite TV antennas each month for companies like DISH NetworkTM, DIRECTV® and Bell ExpressVu or that they provide telemetry products for hospitals or over-the-air HDTV antennas for homes.

Winegard Company has established itself as a leader in television reception products across numerous markets and has withstood the test of time as technological advances continue to be made. What sets Winegard apart from their competition, is unlike other companies, they are more than just an 'assembler'. Winegard designs and manufactures their products in-house. Furthermore, they manufacture more than just the antenna, such as electronic PC boards, power supplies, connectors, mounts, brackets, coaxial cables, etc.

As the Yagi antenna started Winegard Company, the Sensar over-the-air 'Batwing' antenna has been the mainstay product in the RV market for the past twenty years. Originally invented in the 1950s for the home market, the patent was nearing expiration in the early 1980s when someone in the company suggested putting it on a mechanical lift and attaching it to an RV, launching Winegard into the ever-growing RV industry. With over 95% of the RVs being equipped with a Winegard Sensar antenna today by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), it is by far the most popular RV TV antenna in America! Capable of receiving free HD programming for local programming channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc), the Sensar has recently regained a surging popularity among RVers hooked on HD.

In the mid 90's when satellite television hit the home market, Winegard used it's antenna expertise and soon became a leading home satellite TV antenna manufacturer. Today, two 400 ton presses manufacture an impressive 400,000 satellite antennas each month for leading satellite providers such as, DISH, DIRECTV, SKY and Bell ExpressVu.

Soon after satellite television hit the home market, it quickly spread to the RV market. In typical fashion, Winegard joined the trend and has since designed and developed an array of satellite antennas for the RV market that range from manual to automatic, ground to roof mount, non-HD or HD, fitting any budget and television viewing need.

As HD is gaining popularity in the RV market, it is becoming the norm in the home market. With more and more homes having an HD ready TV, viewers are turning to Winegard for their over-the-air antenna to install on their roof, in their attic or inside their home so they can receive the highest HD signal available and get it at no monthly cost. With the HD craze, the over-the-air division is seeing a rebirth in sales. As you can see, Winegard is the one to turn to for your television reception needs!

Commitment to Quality
What is even more impressive about Winegard is that while they make such a wide variety of products, their commitment to quality is first and foremost. The company believes that quality begins at the design phase and continues through each and every step along the way. Each product is put through rigorous environmental testing to ensure it can withstand adverse weather conditions over time. Winegard also believes that quality does not end with the manufacturing process. Winegard Customer Service personnel are available to assist the consumers with information, answer questions and provide solutions to most challenges.

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