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These luxury deluxe motor coaches come equipped with every amenity found in high-end homes and hotels. Built on a bus chassis, Class A diesel motorhomes typically offer a relatively large master bedroom with queen-size bed, plenty of closet storage, dressing table and TV. The master bedroom is adjacent to a full-featured bath that offers such conveniences as a fully-enclosed walk-in shower, sink with vanity and medicine cabinet and often a separate toilet enclosure for privacy. An on-board laundry center with a washer-dryer combination or stacked washer and dryer units may be located between the bath and kitchen for convenience.

Diesel motorhomes usually offer better fuel economy than gasoline-powered models, with longer service intervals. Most diesel motorhomes have a rear-mounted engine and are referred to as “pushers”; some later models are built on truck chassis with a front-mounted diesel engine. Both chassis allow for plenty of storage in exterior “basement” compartments, and can usually tow a full-sized vehicle for side trips. Diesel motorhomes range in length from about 38 to 45 feet and can usually sleep four to six. They are popular among “full-timers”, those who live in their RV year round. New models start at about $200,000 and range up to about $500,000, though some ultra-deluxe or custom-made models can top out at well over $1 million.

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