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Versatile Class B motorhomes are large enough to offer comfortable living for couples or small families and can also be used as a second car, particularly smaller, van-conversion models. Class B motorhomes are built on van chassis and may use a modified van body structure or an expanded body joined to a van cab.

Like Class C models, Class B motorhomes are built on gasoline- or diesel-powered chassis. They are the most fuel-efficient of all drivable RVs; their compact size allows them to be used as a regular van to carry passengers. Towing capacity is limited; larger models may be used to tow light loads. Class B motorhomes range in length from about 17 to 30 feet, depending on body style; larger Class B models offer slide-outs that provide additional living space when parked. New Class B motorhomes start at about $80,000 and range up to just over $100,000.

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