If your version of the RV lifestyle includes the flexibility of a towed vehicle, we design, develop and manufacture everything to "get your towed car there,while stopping safely along the way" - tow bars, tow bar brackets, supplemental braking systems and towing accessories. And whether or not a towed vehicle is part of your next journey, an RSS anti-sway bar - for trucks, vans and SUVs, as well as motorhomes - will improve stability and cornering control. These products, and every ROADMASTER product, come with a host of safety and convenience features unavailable anywhere else, built to the ROADMASTER standard - unsurpassed quality in design, testing, material and workmanship.

The ROADMASTER Difference

1. 'Hands-on' design and manufacturing

ROADMASTER doesn't outsource. All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Portland, Oregon, with virtually every process done under the same roof. The reason for 'hands-on' manufacturing is simple: quality. "Quality starts on the inside, and when you control the process, you control the quality," as Jerry A. Edwards, who founded ROADMASTER 34 years ago, is fond of saying. To our way of thinking, "quality first" is the reason more ROADMASTER towing products are on the road today than any other brand - by nearly a two-to-one margin.

2.The most stringent testing in the industry

ROADMASTER is the only towing products manufacturer to use computerized testing - as well as "real world" physical testing - to ensure structural integrity, longevity, and the safety of your family. The software program we use is called "FEA," which stands for "finite elemental analysis." If that sounds complicated, that's because it is - FEA is the same program NASA scientists use to test their designs.

Every FEA design is displayed as a full-scale, three-dimensional object, which engineers can rotate and study on the screen as they apply thousands of pounds of force across the load-bearing components. Up to a million separate points ("elements") can be analyzed. Stress in the steel is pinpointed and color-coded, and the design is manipulated to remove it. The result is an optimized design, in both materials and components, which has been tested and verified at maximum linear strain.

Every ROADMASTER tow bar and bracket design is tested, refined and perfected through finite elemental analysis - before the first prototype is ever built. Tow bar prototypes are then further tested in "real world" fatigue tests, to the equivalent of 600,000 road miles (150,000 "push" strokes and 150,000 "pull" strokes, at full capacity).

ROADMASTER is the only towing products manufacturer to double-test - computerized stress testing to refine and optimize the design, followed by "real world" physical testing - to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of our products. And the safety of your family. In the RV towing products industry, testing standards are entirely self-imposed - there are no federal regulations in place, whatsoever. ROADMASTER's standards - "quality to ensure reliability; reliability to ensure safety" - are the highest in the industry.

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