From August through March, sports fans can be found cheering for football or basketball teams at sports parties all over the country. Sports enthusiasts who like the great outdoors also follow their teams at tailgate parties, picnics and campsites where RVs often play a big part of the experience.

Because remote sports gatherings have gone high-tech, it's not unusual to see satellite dishes hooked up to TVs to watch the game, electric fans to keep spectators cool and bugs at bay, computers to check the Internet and even blenders to whip up party drinks. But none of this could happen without extra power provided by generators. Once relegated to emergencies only, generators have gone high-tech and portable, bringing the best of indoor entertaining to the outdoors and providing high-quality backup power to homes during blackouts.

Companies such as Honda Power Equipment are designing generators that are lightweight, powerful, quiet, fuel efficient - and with inverter technology that provides the clean power required by today's sensitive electronics. And whether they're for tailgate parties, RVs or home backup, portable generators are easy to use and easy to choose.

"Portable generators come in different power levels. Just select the appliances you'll want to operate and match the output of the generator to your needs," Kristen Delaney, Product Manager at Honda Power Equipment. You can find a handy wattage calculator at "To be considerate to your guests and other tailgaters, look for a generator that works quietly in close quarters," Delaney adds.

Honda's Super Quiet inverter generators - the EU1000i and EU2000i - are high quality generators that can be easily carried and conveniently stored in small RV compartments.

  • At a surprisingly light 29 pounds, the EU1000i model is the perfect solution for situations where low wattage power is required - a great asset when you need a quick battery charge to get you going.
  • The EU2000i can simultaneously power a computer, TV, coffee pot and refrigerator. At only 46 pounds, this unit can run up to 15 hours on a single tank, depending on the load.
  • Still need a bit more power? The compact, super quiet EU3000is gives you the smallest, quietest generator capable of starting and running most 13,500 BTU RV air conditioners as well as powering additional appliances in an RV. This model also doubles as a home back-up unit to selectively power your furnace, refrigerator, microwave, TV, hair dryer and several lights during a power outage.
All three Honda Super Quiet EU models have parallel capability, which means you can connect two of them to work in tandem, delivering their full, combined power. For example, two EU2000i models can easily start and run an RV air conditioner along with other appliances.

Back on the home front, blackouts and brownouts are becoming more common, and no one wants to miss the Super Bowl or a favorite NBA playoff game because of a storm or untimely outage. The success of Honda's smaller inverter units has caused dealers and customers to clamor for even more powerful models for heavier-duty residential or recreational power backup.

The all-new Honda EU6500is is a more powerful generator that's exceptionally quiet. This lightweight, low noise, compact and fuel efficient generator leads the Honda EU Super Quiet class in high-quality power technology. At a total weight of 253 pounds, it's still portable, producing 6,500 watts of power to support a full-size refrigerator-freezer, large power tools and electric range during a power outage. For more than 35 years, Honda generators have set the industry standard for portable generators with the most extensive model selection for a variety of applications. Designed for the ultimate in quality, convenience, portability, quiet operation and fuel efficiency, Honda generators cover the full range of needs for home backup power and any trip to the great outdoors.

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