RV Satellite Cable

posted on 01/07/2008 05:01 in RV Doctor - Gary Bunzer

Dear Gary, why can you not hook up Direct TV through the standard cable hookup on the RV, and how can you get around this?

--Mike Davis, Idabel, OK

Mike, you can’t use the standard cable hookup to go between the dish and receiver because it will block the DC voltage needed to power the dish LNB. What I recommend is that you run a satellite-rated coax cable from the receiver to the dish through an open window in the coach. Alternately, you can easily have a satellite connection installed on your coach. Then you can either route the receiver output directly to the main TV or to any spare cable input inside the coach; preferably to the switch box if you have one. That way you can route the satellite signal to different TV sets. If you do this, make sure that the TV antenna booster is turned off or it could distort the signal.

-Gary Bunzer
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