September 14, 2008
Posted by JIMYLEW

Wher can I find a used wheelchair lift equipped Class A Motorhome

Hello, My wife of 32 years has cancer. The Chemo, Radiation and Naturopathic treatments haven't been successful, and now we've been told she may only have 6 months left. We are praying for a miracle.. She is now in a wheelchair most of the time and can only walk short distances but can't climb the stairs into a M/H. I want her to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy what time she may have left. We would like to leave the first part of October and travel for the next 3 months around the US to visit family and friends and to see more of our beautiful country. We want to take our 2 beagles with us and tow our 96 Tahoe on a trailer. To rent a M/H for 100 days ($17,000) is as expensive as to purchase a good clean and reliable one. I've been calling dealers and been online day and night for 2 weeks looking for a clean reliable Class A 28-31 ft M/H with a lift that we can afford under $20,000. Do you know of any or somewhere else to look? I've looked at rvproperty. but the only one I could afford, a Four Winds doesn't have a shower, couch or a bed and the other ones have been sold. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and I need help. We live in the Seattle, WA. area. Thank you. Jim Lewis (206) 697-0169