August 16, 2008
Posted by Curtis

2000 Breckenridge Rubber Roof Leaks

We own a 2000 Breckeridge Park Model camper and have developed leaks along the seams and bubbles along the roof. We have been told that a number of 2000 Breckenridge park models (up to a certain serial number)had roofing material problems. Breckenridge has refused my claim for warranty repairs, as has my insurance company. Breckenridge refuses to answer my question regarding the roofing settlement that they had with their roof material supplier in early 2000, and obviously will not give me the details or list of serial numbers involved in this claim. My old neighbor in our campground had this same issue last year and Breckenridge replaced their roof at no charge to them. Unfortunately, they are no longer here for me to get the information from. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Thanks in advance for any information that anyone can give me.