Protect Your RV's Resale Value with a Quality RV Cover
Your RV represents what could be the second largest investment of your life. Every day that your RV goes uncovered, paint and interior surfaces fade, while vinyl, rubber, leather and fabrics dry, crack and deteriorate. Unless you're a full-timer, your RV may sit for months exposed to UV rays, rain, snow, bird droppings, tree sap and wind-driven dirt and dust.
The most versatile protection you can get for your coach is an RV cover. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf RV cover, or something custom-made for your particular vehicle, this relatively small investment will perhaps save you thousands of dollars in resale value when you go to trade-in or sell your RV. While covers might be considered an expensive addition to an already costly rig, the real truth is that they will add resale value as the cover takes the beating from the elements instead of your RV. Imagine how much it would cost to repaint the exterior, purchase and install new graphics, reupholster the dash and front seats and replace the curtains. It's easy to see how quality covers can actually come out looking like a bargain.

Quality Matters
When shopping for RV covers, make note that quality RV covers are "breathable," UV-resistant and water-repellant. If the cover does not breathe well, unwanted moisture can get trapped against the vehicle's finish and promote discoloration of gel-coat, paint and vinyl graphics. Breathable covers are also designed to help reduce the formation of mold and mildew and allow heat to escape, keeping interiors cooler. Water and UV resistance are necessary fabric characteristics that will increase the lifespan of the RV cover as well as keep the weather off your coach.

It's All About the Features
Essentially, quality RV covers offer four important "features". Reinforced corners prevent snags and prohibit tears. Front and back "cinching" systems take up loose slack. Straps and buckles hold the cover in place underneath the coach. And, zipper entry doors allow entry during storage.

Fabric Selection
Selecting the right RV cover fabric will save you time and money in the long run. There are two important considerations when reviewing fabrics. The first is selecting a cover with a warranty that matches the approximate amount of time that you plan on owning the RV. The second is selecting the right type of fabric for your geographical conditions.
If you intend to own your RV for many years, make the upgrade to a Custom-fit RV Cover so that you don't have to shop for a new RV Cover every few years. Custom-fit covers are made of stronger fabrics and come with substantially longer warranties than off-the-shelf models. Custom-fit covers made for specific RV models provide better protection than off-the-shelf covers because they conform to the exact contours of the vehicle. For instance, a custom-fit cover will not move around in the wind as much as a typical universal-fit cover. When ordering a custom-fit cover, make sure you mention such things as aftermarket roof-mounted air conditioners, mirrors, spare tires, racks and other appendages. An extra advantage to purchasing a custom cover would be the optional extra openings for side doors or rear ramps - so you easily can go into and out of the RV without going through the trouble of removing the cover.

Fabric Choices
Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills is considered the premier RV cover material. Sunbrella is only offered in the model-specific Custom-Fit line and includes a five-year warranty. This fabric is most commonly used in marine applications and in convertible tops. The fibers are solution dyed, so the fabric retains its color permanently. Woven acrylic fibers are also naturally resistant to moisture and mildew and will not harden or crack.
DuPont TyvekRV® fabric is offered in both the 100% TyvekRV® Custom-Fit model and the off-the-shelf Contour-fit line. Contour-fit covers come with a two-year warranty whereas Custom-Fits come with a four-year warranty. DuPont TyvekRV® features microscopic pores that both resist water and allow trapped moisture to evaporate from inside the cover. The polypropylene sides, used on the Contour-Fit models, ensure maximum breathability to eliminate mold and mildew. With the ability to block 99.8% of the sun's UV rays, these covers are also recommended for locations with intense sunlight. Tyvek covers keep out 98% of dirt and dust particles larger than three microns and provide protection against rain, pollution and droppings.
SFS Aqua-Shed® fabric is available in a 100% SFS Aqua-Shed® Custom-Fit model, which includes a three-year warranty, and a Contour-fit model, which features a two-year warranty. SFS Aqua-Shed® features triple-layer resistance to high humidity and rainfall in addition to protection against UV rays.

Don't Neglect Your Tires
Tires can also be destroyed by the environment in as little as one season if not properly cared for. It is essential that RV tires be protected from the sun's damaging UV rays. Tires on RVs kept in storage are subject to premature cracking, especially in the sidewall area. For vehicles used infrequently, this tire rot can be greatly reduced by blocking the sun's rays. Quality coverings that guard against environmental damage, such as the ADCO Ultra Tyre Guard, are available for your tires for a minimal cost. Again, a small investment in covers could save you a lot of money down the road.

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